Our vision is to build software that provides information technology that will allow the financial industry to fully capitalise on the potentialities of the Information Age.


our values

Founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurs

When Renaud Jamar and Nicolas Buck founded SEQVOIA back in 2012, they had already accumulated a vast experience of the funds industry and the documentation needs through Victor Buck Services, the company they had created in 2000 and now owned by POST.

The leading software provider

SEQVOIA focuses on developing software to help asset managers and insurers manage product information. It has established itself as the leading software provider in Europe for KIID production and delivery.

Ideally located

SEQVOIA is conveniently located in Luxembourg, at the heart of the fund industry, from where we serve clients locally and around the world.

2017, a year of change for SEQVOIA

Our rebranding is an illustration of our organisation's ability to continuously adapt to change and reinvent, while never compromising on quality and getting things right the first time.

Nicolas Buck, CEO of SEQVOIA