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SEQVOIA is known for its top-quality people who get things right the first time. Our team has deep industry insight and a profound understanding of how to build scalable technology to meet the asset management industry’s future challenges.

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Client service

Be it co-ordination with development, IT, or external parties, the client is at the center of our attention. We ensure a smooth service and provide guidance on day-to-day questions.


Product development

We design technology to overcome business problems and add value for our client on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in imagining the future and building solutions ahead of our customers’ needs.

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IT development

The maintenance of a stable and innovative platform is at the heart of our interest. Always on the lookout for the best technologies, we adapt fast to changes in the market and deliver safely – day after day.

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Join the team?

Do you want to join the team ? We’ve got job openings and we always welcome spontaneous applications.